Metatron 4025 Well-Bing

The evaluation objects of Well Being program include energy center, chakra, fourteen meridians of human body, acupoints of human limbs, auricular acupoints and iris calibration points.
Well Bin Zekang Happiness Edition, with frequency therapy, is a multi-functional, effective and safe way to adjust the body.
Therefore, patients should be provided with necessary information regularly, and systematic training mode should be adopted to provide patients with skills to reduce health risks.
Necessary information should be provided to patients, such as information about the condition of the disease, information about possible complications, effective prevention of complications related to the disease, and methods of eliminating symptoms.
In addition, it is necessary to select drugs regularly by resonance mode under the instruction of non-linear diagnostic equipment.


The main software included in Well Bin Zekang Happiness Edition is:
1. Complete diagnostic model of Western medicine;
2. Alternative medical diagnosis provides seven chakra assessments, 14 meridians and governors in China, auricular, hand and foot diagnostic methods, iris diagnostic methods, etc.
3. Automatic report creation and portable device access;
4. The function of fast selection of standard slices is added.
5. Classification of Entropy Analysis Process Stages;
6. Display standard types according to standard graphics: anabolic/catabolic and dry/wet;
7. Improve the mathematical model of data processing from equipment.
8. Considering the type of process (anabolism/catabolism), the localization algorithm of lesions is improved.
9. A new system for evaluating tissue proliferation in young patients;
10. The model will be released on the basis of AIC Metatron-4025s.
11. The frequency generator is 4.9 GHz and will be equipped with a laptop with installed software.