Does Metatron provide therapy as well?

Yes, all Metatron systems provide various biofeedback therapy modalities. The main therapy method is known as biofeedback Meta-Therapy. Also, the healing frequencies of herbs, stones and bach flowers (3D models only) can be directly sent through the bioinductors (headpiece).

Many different types of informational homeopathics can be made in the included resonant chamber (all models).

What is Meta-Therapy?

Informational biofeedback therapy (Meta-Therapy) is a method of trying to restore an organism’s normal ability to live, in cases of acute and chronic diseases. Technically speaking, minor frequency corrections are transmitted through bioinductors directly to the brain, correcting electromagnetic wave characteristics of organs or cells and improving them towards their optimal values.

Do Metatron systems come with a warranty? What does it cover?

Yes! The warranties are 18months to 2 years depending on the model. All manufacturing defects are covered, assuming proper usage and care of the device.

All systems are manufactured according to ISO13485 medical device standards which means that long life is all but guaranteed. Even if hardware problems occurred after the warranty period, repairs are inexpensive as the majority of a system’s cost is software based. To date, none of our users have experienced hardware problems.