General information

All intellectual property rights for technologies, trademarks, industrial samples and logos which are used in manufacturing process of all models of non-linear diagnostics system “Metatron” on the territories of Russia, European Union and Asia are protected. Complete intellectual property right with all powers of owner for development, modifying, reproduction, distribution and other use of given objects, for providing rights of user and all other intellectual rights directly or indirectly related to products of “Institute of Practical Psychophysics”, LLC are protected.
Any unauthorized use of indicated objects of intellectual property will be prosecuted in country of violation according to its laws.

All rights for pictures used in software of “Metatron” system, printed or web publications are protected. All rights for photographic images belong to their owners. Use of pictures without written authorization of the IPP, LLC is forbidden.

After receiving of authorization from the IPP all pictures must be protected with watermark indicating right holder – the “IPP”, LLC.