Metatron4025M-Golden Dragon

New “Golden Dragon” software is created on the basis of “Red Dragon” software, and includes all its features, etalons and functions. In addition to features of the previous versions, the new software version includes a number of new 3D models in Full HD:

– Internal organs

– Skeleton

– Muscles

– Blood circulatory system

– Lymphatic system

– Nervous system

– Heart

– Cardiac chambers

– Cardiac vessels

– Cardiac conducting system

– Lungs

– Teeth

– External ear

– Chakras

“Golden Dragon” is intended for markets of South-Eastern Asia.


  • identification of body types
  • choosing from TCM preparations
  • Chinese herbs and naturopathic preparations
  • KoDa Pharmaceutical preparations
  • Chinese cuisine

In total there are 12 pairs of main organ channels on a human body, corresponding to 12 main organs of Chinese traditional theory, and 2 non-paired meridians. All main channels are linked into one network. One transits into another with a strict order of Chi flow. Through these channels life energy is distributed in an organism, it links all functional units of an organism together.

Optional equipment and possibilities of new software for improved stereoscopic visualization of 3D models allow creating an immersion into investigation effect and providing a better understanding of diagnostics results by means of connection to any 3D screen with polarized glasses where the organ model will be shown. The device shows on a TV screen a high quality stereoscopic image of examined organs, thereby increasing visualization quality of examination results.

The new software version allows identifying six stages of an illness development: psychophysiological, energoinformational, neuroendocrine, endotoxic, symptomatic and terminal. At the first three stages an illness is considered easily curable, at the fourth – curable, at the fifth – hardly curable, at the sixth – incurable.


is a teaching of 14 meridians; it is one of the main teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Jing-luo explains physiological functions and pathological changes of human organism and is used for diagnostics and treatment. It is also a basis for acupuncture.

It is considered that function of a meridian is to ensure flow of Chi, support functional activity of organs and harmonize Yin and Yang in an organism. In case of pathology changing of one organ’s function inevitably changes functioning of other organs, i.e. whole organism becomes involved into an unhealthy process.

New functions were added:

– “Wide Vision” – allows performing of segmentation, zooming and detailed reconstruction of separate studied anatomical structures. At the same time the studied object is moved to the center of a screen and other structures, preventing complete all-round visualization, are shaded.

– “Multi Vision” – allows getting of not only virtual multidimensional images of anatomical structures, but also highlighting bones, soft tissues, vessels and nerves as well (four-dimension color-coded NLS-data). The advantage of this feature is acquiring of accurate image of topographic-anatomic interrelation of tissues, vessels and nerves of a studied region, which increases quality of image perception.

Also this feature allows quick, detailed and zoomed studying of separate anatomical structures, including tissues, vessels and nerves in 4D interactive rendering format.

The new software’s “Alternative diagnostics” section offers evaluation of 7 chakras on the Fleindler’s scale, in addition to evaluation of 14 Chinese meridians, Auriculo Diagnostics and Irido Diagnostics.

Using 12-point Fleindler’s scale, this software version allows evaluation of catabolic (Yin-related) processes, accompanied by absorption of information, which were extremely difficult to diagnose with devices of previous generations (“Metapathia GR Hunter”, “Metapathia GR Clinical”, “Red Dragon”).