n the course of years 2001 and 2002 there were a lot of inquires to the Academy of Nonlinear Systems Diagnostics form users concerning the sells of the “Iceberg” devices in the different regions of Russia that were nonfunctional and were not corresponding to their characteristics. The devices had no obligatory mark of certification according to Russian standards.

The commission performed medical-technical test of the “Iceberg” device that was purchased by Smirnov A.P.

1. The device was sold to Mr. Smirnov by Iceberg High Technologies Center without any necessary financial or technical documentation. The payment was in cash, avoiding cash register. The statement of obligatory certification for the device was missing.

The number and name of enterprise were missing as well.

2. The set of the device is:

  • Electronic unit;
  • Magnetic inductors (PHILIPS headphones)
  • Black cylinder (60 mm diameter) on the stand with ball and socket joint (presumably – resonance camera)
  • Cylinder-like objects with a light diode on the top (presumably – IR scanner);
  • Interface cable;
  • Pirated, cracked program “Metapathia” version on CD;
  • Packing suitcase.

3. Indices of assignment and the other general indices

3.1. Electrical unit is not sealed.

After connecting up the device to PC, starting and loading the program, PC works in an autonomous behavior, displaying random data. It is possible to disconnect the interface cable and PC – the program continues to function in the same mode, so there is no necessity in the device!

  • The device has no scheme of receiving and primary information processing when examining object (there is no receivers);
  • The absence of any processor, PDM – modulator or pulse duration modulation of electronic oscillations;
  • Toroidal transformer is hand made and is not in conformity to the safety requirements according to the Regulation 50377 for the devices of this class;
  • Transformer’s contacts are soldered primitively and isolated by a common insulating tape;
  • The design of the device is not in conformity to the Regulation 15150;
  • The electric assembling is beneath any criticism.

3.2. Magnetic inductors

  • Common dynamic headphones (may be connected to a tape recorder for listening music);
  • The absence of solenoids (screened spiral radiators) and high frequency generator with log-periodic antenna.

3.3. IR scanner with trigger sensor. As the component of any NLS analysis systems it is absent, instead of it – fake construction of unknown purpose.

3.4. The software on the CD.

  • Original software “Metapathia”, developed by Institute of Practical Psychophysics and patented by “Rospatent (Russian patent agency) certificate about official program registration for PC ¹2001610175” is exploited illegally;
  • Protection that had been set by Institute of Practical Psychophysics is hacked;
  • The program is altered to use for its operations the data received not by the trigger sensor of the device, but generation of random numbers from the subprogram, programmed by hackers. Therefore the program demonstrates not the research results, but random, arbitrary solutions incoherent to the object of the research.


  1. The “Iceberg” device is nonfunctional crude imitation of analogical class devices;
  2. Acting like this an organization that sells devices similarly to abovementioned, mislead the buyers concerning characteristics and qualities of the device (infringement of 200 section of the criminal code of Russian Federation).